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Authorities set to combat illegal sales of Belarusian motor fuel in Latvia


The Belarusian and Latvian authorities have announced a crackdown on people who illegally sell cheaper Belarusian motor fuel in the Baltic country, said BelaPAN.

According to the Belarusian State Border Committee's press office, control will be stepped up both on the Belarusian and Latvian sides over the amount of motor fuel carried inside automobiles' tanks across the shared border.

In particular, authorities will thoroughly examine fuel tanks if they have suspicions that they have had their size increased to hold more fuel, the press office.

Up to 70 percent of motorists crossing the border into Latvia in summer do so to illegally sell Belarusian motor fuel in the Baltic country. Latvia's authorities estimate that illegal sales account for 15 percent of the total volume of motor fuel sales in the country.

Latvia plans to impose harsh restrictions on the import of motor fuel from Belarus.

Earlier this year, the Belarusian Council of Ministers introduced customs duty on motor fuel exports by individuals crossing the Belarusian border into a country other than Russia for the second and subsequent time in five days. However, Belarusian customs officers initially did not collect the duty but simply turned away drivers heading abroad for the second time in five days.

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