Supreme Court upholds sentence for schoolboy who attempted to murder his teacher

The Supreme Court of Belarus on Tuesday upheld an eight-year prison sentence for Danat Skakun, a 16-year-old boy who allegedly attempted to murder his teacher.

The appeal against the Minsk City Court’s April 7 decision was filed by Danat’s parents and lawyers.

Danat was not brought to the Supreme Court for the appeal hearing, which was held behind closed doors because the accused was under 18 years of age. His father and three lawyers were in attendance.

Danat reportedly attacked a 57-year-old teacher inside a school classroom in Minsk on the morning of May 23, 2016.

The student of Gymnasium No. 74 stabbed the Russian language and literature teacher with a knife at least 17 times. The woman survived the attack.

A representative of the Minsk City Prosecutor’s Office later said that the boy had tried to take revenge on the teacher for her "biased" attitude to him.

Human rights defenders doubt the results of the investigation into Danat’s case.

n particular, they say that the knife has never been found and claim that there is no clear motive for the crime because Danat had good grades in Russian language and literature.

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