Yarmoshyna: Next presidential, parliamentary elections should be held separately

It is fundamentally important to ensure that the next presidential election and the next parliamentary ballot are not held in a short space of time, Lidziya Yarmoshyna, head of the central election commission, told BelaPAN on Tuesday.

Беларусь намерена участвовать в наблюдении за выборами президента в РФ

The presidential election is to take place on August 30, 2020 at the latest. The parliamentary election is to be held no later than September 10, 2020. Ms. Yarmoshyna earlier said that one of the elections could be brought forward and held in the latter half of 2019.

Political analyst and lawyer Yury Chavusaw warned that the government's possible plans to bring forward the parliamentary election could encounter a legal hurdle.

The constitution stipulates that an early parliamentary election may be called only if the parliament is disbanded after a vote of no-confidence in the government or two failures to confirm a prime minister, the expert explained.

However, Ms. Yarmoshyna dismissed the arguments on Tuesday. According to her, if one of the elections is moved forward, the parliament will not be disbanded and the president will not resign from office. "There will be an early election," she said. "If this is a parliamentary election, then the outgoing parliament's term will end after the new parliament's first session. This has nothing to do with what is written in the constitution, this is a separate procedure."

Ms. Yarmoshyna reiterated that holding two electoral campaigns simultaneously may "indeed destabilize" the situation and "aggravate both political and economic contradictions existing in society."

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