Lukašenka: Attempt at organizing massacre in Minsk is evident

It is evident that there is an attempt at “organizing a massacre in downtown Minsk” in the run-up to the presidential election, Aliaksandr Lukašenka said Tuesday in his address to the nation and the National Assembly.

The Belarusian leader accused no one directly of the “massacre” plot, but said that “modern information weapons” were being used to manipulate people's conscious and subconscious mind for the purpose of pitting them against each other and provoking them into criminal offenses.

Social media are being widely used for spreading shameless lies and slinging mud, Mr. Lukašenka noted.

According to him, he is a tolerant man, likes the pluralism of opinions and will accept any choice of the nation in the presidential election. “But please never betray me. Betrayal is not forgiven even by God,” he said. “If you are not able and are not ready for something, step aside and don’t get in the way. Let me save the country.”