Animal welfare group highlights poor conditions in Hrodna Zoo

An animal welfare group has petitioned Uladzimir Krawtsow, head of the Hrodna Regional Executive Committee, to take "urgent measures" to improve conditions for animals kept in the Hrodna Zoo.

Lukashenka appoints new heads of regional police departments in Hrodna, Brest, Mahilyow

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has, by his presidential edicts, appointed new heads of the Hrodna, Brest and Mahilyow regional police departments, reported the presidential press office.

Policeman in Hrodna takes own life during shooting practice

A police officer committed suicide during a shooting practice in Hrodna on March 28, according to media reports.

Opposition activist in Hrodna set to complain about ban on demonstration for fair elections

Aleh Kalinkow, an opposition activist in Hrodna, is expected to file a suit over the city government's decision to ban a one-man demonstration for fair elections.

Market vendors stage fresh strike in Hrodna

  Vendors selling clothing at two markets in Hrodna walked off the job on July 2 in protest against the introduction of the Customs Union's new certification rules.

Opposition activist in Hrodna fined over flyers

  A district judge in Hrodna on Tuesday imposed a fine of two million rubels ($231) on Syarhey Verameyenka, over flyers that advertised the "Wave of Solidarity" campaign in support of the political prisoners.

Human rights defenders in Homyel ask police to charge them over photographs in support of Byalyatski

Leanid Sudalenka and Anatol Paplawny, human rights defenders based in Homyel, have applied to a local police station to charge them for posting photographs...

Vintage train travels from Hrodna to Belarus\' oldest railroad station

  A vintage train traveled from Hrodna to the railroad station of Parecha on December 27 in an event marking 150 years since the construction of the first-ever railroad link in what is now Belarus.

Malady Front leaders Zmitser Dashkevich and Nasta Palazhanka get married in prison

Zmitser Dashkevich and Anastasiya (Nasta) Palazhanka, leaders of an opposition youth group called Malady Front, got married in Prison No. 1 in Hrodna....

Arrested journalist Poczobut expected to be charged within 10 days

Criminal proceedings under Part Two of the Criminal Code\'s Article 367 against Mr. Poczobut, a Belarusian citizen, have been instituted by the Investigative Committee based on an inquiry carried out by the Hrodna regional office of the Committee for Stat

Orthodox priest in Hrodna to stand trial for refusal to be fingerprinted

  An Orthodox Christian priest in Hrodna will stand trial on June 12 for his refusal to be fingerprinted by police, said a human rights group called Vyasna (Spring) on Sunday.

Thirty-two people ordered to pay compensation to customs, police over June`s border protest

A district judge on Hrodna on August 5 ordered 32 people involved in June`s spontaneous protest at the Bruzhi checkpoint at the Polish border to pay 4,277,334 rubels in damages to the city police department and 52,443 rubels to the Hrodna Regional Customhouse.

Altar in Hrodna\'s main Catholic church consecrated after restoration

Hundreds of believers attended a consecration ceremony for a restored altar in an 18th-century Catholic church in Hrodna on August 5.

Prosecutor demands three-year prison term for Poczobut

The public prosecutor in the trial of journalist Andrzej Poczobut on Friday demanded that the correspondent of Poland\'s newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza...

Lukashenka appoints Mikalay Damashkevich presidential aide/chief inspector for Vitsyebsk region, gives consent to other appointments

Alyaksandr Lukashenka on September 30 appointed Mikalay Damashkevich presidential aide/chief inspector for the Vitsyebsk region, BelaPAN reports.

House of Representatives committee recommends ratification of Belarusian-Polish agreement on local border traffic

Signed in Warsaw on February 12, 2010, the accord provides for the possibility for people who reside within 30 kilometers of the Belarusian-Polish border...