Uladzimir Nyaklyayew

More than 100 people in Minsk stage protest against military exercise

Former presidential candidates Mikalay Statkevich and Uladzimir Nyaklyayew led a crowd of more than a hundred people who demonstrated in central Minsk on Friday to express protest against Belarus` coming military exercise with Russia.

Some 2,500 people protest "parasite" tax in central Minsk

An estimated crowd of some 2,500 people marched through central Minsk on Friday evening to express protest against the so-called parasite tax imposed on non-working people by Alyaksandr Lukashenka's April 2015 decree.+

Opposition activists stage “National Flag Avenue” demonstration

Opposition activists staged a demonstration in downtown Minsk on Monday evening, marking the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the white-red-white flag and the Pahonya emblem as Belarus’ state symbols.

Council of Belarusian National Congress holds first meeting

Almost two weeks after the body was founded by a number of politicians in an effort to unite the country’s fractured opposition…

Organizers of congress of opposition forces set to hold the event in Yanka Kupala Park

A congress of pro-democracy opposition forces will be held in Minsk’s Yanka Kupala Park on May 15, organizers announced on Thursday

Authorities deny registration to pro-independence movement

The justice ministry had denied state registration to the Movement for the Statehood and Independence of Belarus that has a number of prominent opposition politicians and public figures among its founders.

Stallholders gather outside tax ministry's office to demand abolition of new rules

Some 300 people gathered outside the tax ministry's office in Minsk on Monday to deliver non-food stallholders' petitions demanding the abolition of new rules introduced by Alyaksandr Lukashenka's Edict No. 222.

Some 1,000 small vendors demonstrate in central Minsk

About a thousand non-food stallholders staged an unsanctioned protest in downtown Minsk on Monday to demand that Alyaksandr Lukashenka reverse his edict, which they say is impossible to comply with.

Kobryn-based opposition activist Ales Mekh launches presidential bid

Apart from Mr. Mekh, six persons have already announced their intention to run in this year’s presidential election...

Leader of Belarusian Popular Front skeptical about new Nyaklyayew-led movement

The Belarusian Popular Front’s leader has expressed skepticism about former presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyayew’s plans to establish a new opposition movement.

Mourners bid farewell to former Agriculture Minister Lyavonaw

Mr. Lyavonaw, who spent years in prison on what was widely viewed as politically motivated charges, died on January 4 at the age of 76.

Lithuania has not changed its position with regard to Belarus, foreign minister says

Lithuania has not altered its position with regard to Belarus and continues suggesting that the Belarusian authorities should respect human rights and release all political prisoners, Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius said Friday in Minsk while meeting with Belarusian opp

Popularity ratings of all potential opposition presidential candidates combined do not exceed 20 percent, poll finds

The popularity ratings of potential opposition presidential candidates do not exceed 20 percent combined, reported the Vilnius-based Independent Institute of Social, Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS).

Organizers of People`s Referendum campaign aiming to secure majority support

The main objective of the People`s Referendum campaign is to secure the support of a majority of Belarusians and use public opinion to put pressure...

“Tell the Truth!” movement suggests requiring police officers to wear uniform

  The “Tell the Truth!” movement suggests drawing up a bill that would require police officers to wear uniform while on duty, Uladzimir Nyaklyayew, chairman of the movement, told reporters in Minsk on Monday.

Judge upholds refusal to institute criminal proceedings over election-day attack on Nyaklyayew

A district judge in Minsk on July 10 rejected an appeal by Uladzimir Nyaklyayew against a refusal by the city prosecutor’s office to institute criminal proceedings over his brutal beating on December 19, 2010 while he was still a presidential candidate...

Young opposition activist Pavel Vinahradaw released from jail after completing 12-day sentence

About 40 people gathered at the gate of the detention center on Akrestsina Street in Minsk to greet the leader of Zmena...

“Tell the Truth!” movement seeking legal status

The “Tell the Truth!” opposition movement held a formal founding conference in Minsk on April 13 to apply for registration by the justice ministry as a national educational public association...

Former presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyayew scoops literary award

  Writer and politician Uladzimir Nyaklyayew won the Jerzy Giedroyc Award for his recently published novel titled Soda Fountains With and Without Syrup.

Statkevich wants Nyaklyayew to provide explanations over events that preceded post-election protest

Imprisoned opposition politician Mikalay Statkevich has urged Uladzimir Nyaklyayew to offer public explanations over a chain of events that preceded the December 19...

Key opposition forces, politicians sign memorandum declaring intention to defend Belarus’ independence

The memorandum was signed at a meeting in Vilnius on November 3...

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly urges Minsk to release all political prisoners

The Assembly recommended that the International Ice Hockey Federation suspend its plan to hold the 2014 world championship in Minsk until the Belarusian authorities release all political prisoners...