Small business association petitions authorities over plans to remove bus stop kiosks in Minsk

The Perspektyva small business association has petitioned a number of governmental agencies over the Minsk city authorities’ plans to remove all retail kiosks from bus stops, BelaPAN reports.

The petitions have been sent to the Presidential Administration, the justice ministry, the State Control Committee, the House of Representatives, the Enterprise Department at the economy ministry and the Minsk City Executive Committee.

As Perspektyva leader Anatol Shumchanka told BelaPAN, the city government’s plans are in violation of the kiosk owners’ rights and the contracts that they signed with district administrations.

Mr. Shumchanka linked the city government’s plans to “lobbying” by large retail chains.

He noted that bus stop kiosks played an important social function, catering for low-income groups. “This is yet another onslaught on the right to choice of ordinary persons – consumers with low and middle incomes,” he said.

Mr. Shumchanka warned that the plans could add more fuel to the ongoing row between the government and sole entrepreneurs.