Small business association urges authorities to “assess” trade minister’s remarks about sole entrepreneurs

The Perspektyva small business association has requested authorities to “assess” Trade Minister Alyaksandr Ivankow’s remarks about sole entrepreneurs.

As Anatol Shumchanka, leader of the organization, told BelaPAN, earlier this month Perspektyva petitioned the House of Representatives, the Presidential Administration, the justice ministry, the State Control Committee, the economy ministry’s Enterprise Department and the Minsk City Executive Committee over the minister’s remarks.

While talking to reporters in February, Mr. Ivankow said that the ministry pinned hopes for a better performance by state-run retail outlets on “the ultimate expulsion of sole entrepreneurs from trade.”

“The next step of the policy conducted in this direction will be the removal of kiosks from bus stops,” he said.

Mr. Shumchanka described the remarks as “unacceptable and dangerous.” “We view this statement as fomenting social enmity and discrediting governmental agencies,” he said.

The small business activist linked the plans to remove bus stop kiosks to “lobbying” by large retail chains.