Economy ministry registers three new small business support centers

The Commission on Enterprise Support at the economy ministry’s Enterprise Department has granted registration to three new small business support centers.

These include the Homyel Regional Information and Advisory Center, Consulting Alliance Group based in Kirawsk, a town in the Mahilyow region, and Polikon Group based in the town of Drybin, Mahilyow region.

Belarus currently has 49 small business centers and nine small business incubators.

Small business support centers provide information and advisory assistance to small businesses, help them come up with business plans, obtain loans and train personnel, and arrange for their participation in exhibitions.

A business incubator is a facility designed to assist businesses in becoming established and sustainable during their start-up phase. Typically, they do this by providing shared premises, equipment, business advice, accounting services, and access to investor, market and international networks. //BelaPAN