Small business association appeals to local soviets to lower single tax rates for sole entrepreneurs


A small business association called Perspektyva has appealed to the regional soviets and the Minsk City Soviet to cut the rates of single tax applied to small traders with sole entrepreneur status.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Perspektyva expressed concern about the financial circumstances of sole entrepreneurs who it said had been “significantly affected” in the last few years by the practice of pegging tax rates and commercial property rent to the euro.

It mentioned findings of its December 2009 poll that suggest that the financial circumstances of 96 percent of all sole entrepreneurs in Belarus have seriously worsened. Around 15,000 traders are on the verge of bankruptcy, Perspektyva said.

Sole entrepreneurs are “backbone business entities on which the operation of markets and shopping centers and, hence, the supply of consumer goods to the population depend,” the statement said.

They account for more than a third of the country’s retail turnover, according to Perspektyva. //BelaPAN