China mulls acquiring Belaruskali stake, ambassador says


China is looking into the possibility of participation in the privatization of Belaruskali, Ambassador Gong Jianwei told reporters in Minsk on Friday.

China is one of the largest potash importers in the world, the ambassador noted.

“An especially large amount of this product is consumed by the south of China,” he said. “Apart from Belarusian fertilizers, China also purchases potash from Russia and Canada, and receives deliveries from Southeastern Asia, as the development of deposits in that region was carried out with Chinese investment. Owing to a rise in deliveries from other countries, the share of Belaruskali in the Chinese market is shrinking, but China is interested in a steady rise in the import of potash fertilizers from Belarus on mutually beneficial terms.”

According to Mr. Gong, China is ready to deal with Soyuzkali, the joint trading arm to be set up by Belaruskali and Russia’s Uralkali.