Exhibition of Belarusian-grown grape in Minsk

An exhibition of more than 100 grape varieties cultivated in Belarus was held in Minsk on September 18 and 19.

The exhibition featured vineyardists from all over Belarus.

Visitors were able to buy seedlings, ask for experts' advice and learn more about how to successfully cultivate grapes in the country.

Vineyardist Lyudmila Yuzafatava, a resident of the Minsk district, said, "Very many grape varieties are grown in Belarus, they are easier to grow and don't need to be covered in winter. There are varieties that can endure temperatures as low as minus 32 degrees Celsius."

"I grow more than 150 varieties in my small garden where there are also potatoes, cabbages, cucumbers and tomatoes."

The woman said that each of her vines yielded five to six kilograms of grapes every year.