Exhibition of Belarusian-grown grape in Minsk

An exhibition of more than 100 grape varieties cultivated in Belarus was held in Minsk on September 18 and 19. The exhibition featured vineyardists from all over Belarus.

International exhibition of sports goods opens in Minsk

  An international exhibition of goods for sports and exercise opened in Minsk's soccer arena on May 13.

Open-air exhibition of pictures of architectural monuments opens in Minsk

  Photographs of Belarus' most picturesque architectural monuments are on display at the entrance to Chalyuskintsaw Park in Minsk. The buildings in question include ancient churches, convents and palaces.

Nuclear power industry exhibition in Minsk

  A nuclear power industry exhibition opened in Minsk on Tuesday. Almost half of the roughly 80 companies displaying their goods and services at the three-day event represent Russia.

Building materials, equipment on display in Minsk

  More than 350 companies representing 12 countries are taking part in Budprahres 2012, an international exhibition showcasing building materials and equipment that opened in Minsk on Monday.

Belarusian exhibition \"Sound of silence: Art During Dictatorship\" opens in New York City

  A Belarusian art exhibition "Sound of silence: Art During Dictatorship" has opened in New York City.

Sculpture opens in Minsk

  An exhibition of works by Belarusian sculptors opened at the Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts in Minsk on January 11, BelaPAN said.

International hunting and fishing exhibition opens in Minsk

An international hunting and fishing exhibition opened at the Belexpo National Exhibition Center in Minsk on October 29, BelaPAN reports.

Exhibition of Belarusian equipment expected to be held in Congo\'s Kinshasa

The Congolese government plans to organize an exhibition of Belarusian-made equipment in Kinshasa, Lambert Mende Omalanga, Congo's visiting minister of communication and media, told BelaPAN.

International bakery and confectionery exhibition opens in Minsk

An international bakery and confectionary exhibition opened in Minsk on September 14, featuring companies based in 10 countries, BelaPAN reports.

International construction exhibition opens in Minsk

A four-day international building materials and equipment exhibition, Budprahres 2010, was opened in Minsk on September 7.

Exhibition of photos showing smiling Belarusians opens in Minsk

An exhibition of photos featuring smiling Belarusians has opened at the National Art Museum in Minsk.

Photo exhibition opens in Minsk on occasion of 600th anniversary of Battle of Grunwald

An exhibition of photographs reconstructing the 1410 Battle of Grunwald opened at the Palace of the Republic's gallery in Minsk on August 13, BelaPAN reports.

Minsk museum hosting exhibition on occasion of Battle of Grunwald anniversary

An exhibition opened at the National History Museum in Minsk on Tuesday on the occasion of 600 years since the Battle of Grunwald, BelaPAN reports.

Exhibition about Katyn massacre opened in Minsk

An exhibition titled, “I Remember. Katyn 1940,” was opened at the Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War on June 24, BelaPAN reports.

Week of Iran\'s Culture opens in Minsk

A series of events collectively named as the Week of Iran's Culture in Belarus were officially inaugurated at a ceremony at the Palace of Arts in Minsk on June 14, BelaPAN reports.

People and Safety exhibition opens in Minsk

An international exhibition, called “People and Safety,” opened in Minsk on June 9, featuring 96 participants based in four countries, Belarus, Russia, Taiwan and Ukraine.

International agricultural exhibition begins in Minsk

The 20th international agricultural exhibition, Belahra 2010, began in Minsk on June 8, featuring 430 companies from 19 countries, BelaPAN reports.

Exhibition of Israeli artist Malka Tsentsiper opens in Minsk

  An exhibition of Israeli artist Malka Tsentsiper opened in Minsk earlier this week.

Sidorski attends opening of international agricultural exhibition in Vilnius

Belarusian Prime Minister Syarhey Sidorski on Thursday arrived in Lithuania on a two-day official visit, BelaPAN reports.

Exhibition of famous French impressionists opened in Minsk

An exhibition of 60 paintings created by famous French impressionists between 1850 and 1950 was opened at the National Museum of Arts in Minsk on March 30.

Man & Security exhibition opens in Minsk

A three-day international specialized show titled “Man & Security” opened at the exhibition center at 27 Yanka Kupala Street in Minsk on June 11, featuring more than 90 exhibitors from Belarus and Russia.