nuclear power

Belarus invites investors to build second nuclear power plant

Belarus is ready to consider offers from potential investors willing to build a second nuclear power plant in the country, Deputy Energy Minister Mikhail Mikhadzyuk said ...

Official reassures public over safety of future nuclear power plant

Lessons learned from past nuclear accidents will be taken into account in the construction of Belarus’ first-ever nuclear plant, Yakaw Kenihsberh, head of the Radiation Safety Laboratory at the National Research Center for Hygiene, said...

Nuclear power industry exhibition in Minsk

  A nuclear power industry exhibition opened in Minsk on Tuesday. Almost half of the roughly 80 companies displaying their goods and services at the three-day event represent Russia.

Belarusian environmentalists urge Ukraine to drop controversial nuclear power project

  A Belarusian environmental group called Ecodom has urged Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to abandon plans for the completion of two more units at a nuclear power plant near the city of Khmelnytskyy.

Belarus asks Russia for $9bn loan to build nuclear power plant

Belarus has asked Russia for a government loan of $9 billion for a period of 25 years for the construction of a nuclear power plant...

Lithuania still concerned about nuclear power plant project

Belarus\' report assessing the possible environmental impact of the country’s nuclear power plant has left some questions unanswered...

Lithuanian premier hopeful of cancellation of Belarusian nuclear power project

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius expressed hope that Minsk would drop its plans to build a nuclear power plant close to the Baltic country's border, BelaPAN reports.

Official dismisses independent experts’ findings about environmental impact of Belarus’ nuclear power plant

An official of the environmental protection ministry has dismissed as not serious findings of independent experts about the possible impact of the country’s nuclear power plant on the local environment.

Belarus’ nuclear power plant to have no significant environmental impact, expert claims

The Belarusian delegation at a public hearing that was held in Vilnius on March 2 claimed that the plant, expected to be built near Lithuania’s border, would not be discharging any industrial waste into the River Viliya rising in Belarus and flowing into the neighboring country.

Russia ready to consider lending Belarus $9 billion for nuclear power project

The Russian government has confirmed its readiness to consider lending $9 billion to Belarus for the construction of a nuclear power plant...

Nuclear power project is fraught with «ordeals», expert says

  The Belarusian government’s plans to build a nuclear power plant are fraught with “multiple troubles and ordeals for the people,” Belarusian expert Heorhiy Lepin said at an international conference in Vilnius on October 9.

Executives with China’s nuclear power company to hold talks in Minsk

  A delegation of China’s Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation will arrive in Minsk for talks on September 4, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Belarus told BelaPAN.

No site selected for construction of nuclear power plant so far

  No site for the construction of Belarus’ first-ever nuclear power plant has been selected so far as government experts continue exploring a few options.

Belarusian Party of Greens urges government to involve public in decision-making on nuclear power plant project

  The Belarusian Party of Greens (BPG) has called on the government to involve the public in deciding on the construction of a nuclear power plant in the country.

Belarusian leader confirms plans for nuclear power plant construction

Alyaksandr Lukashenka on Tuesday confirmed the government's plans for the construction of Belarus' first-ever nuclear power plant, alleging that the controversial project was backed by the public.