The Prodigy members arrive in Minsk for show

The three members of The Prodigy, a famous English electronic band, on Sunday arrived in Minsk, where they will headline UltraMusicFestival the following day.

Dozens of fans turned out at the Minsk National Airport to greet Liam Howlett, Maxim Reality and Keith Flint. The former two signed autographs and posed for photographs with the fans, while The Prodigy’s iconic frontman quickly made his way out of the airport.

A total of 12 trucks loaded with equipment have arrived in Minsk for the gigs to take place at the Dinamo Stadium.

The festival features Australia’s Dub FX, Russia’s The Proxy, Belarus’ Drum Ecstasy and 4 Kuba. The show will be crowned by The Prodigy’s set, which is expected to last at least 90 minutes.