Rocker’s show in Minsk celebrates 80th birthday anniversary of Belarusian writer Karatkevich

Belarusian rocker Zmitser Vaytsyushkevich played with WZ Orkiestra in Minsk on May 20 in a show celebrating the 80th birthday anniversary of renowned Belarusian writer Uladzimir Karatkevich.

The bill featured many new songs with lyrics based on Karatkevich’s poetry, BelaPAN reports.

A photo exhibition was held on the sidelines of the show. The works, featuring Vaytsyushkevich and his audiences in various cities, villages, schools, cultural establishments and children’s summer camps, were took off following the concert and presented to officials of the establishments that hosted the performances.

While speaking during the concert in Minsk, poet Ryhor Baradulin said that Karatkevich was the person who attempted to give Belarus back to the Belarusians. “His words are eternal,” Mr. Baraduliln said. “I am happy to listen to his verses performed by outstanding singer Zmitser Vaytsyushkevich.”

Opposition politician Alyaksandr Milinkevich said that he had enjoyed the show immensely. “I know Zmitser’s music and love it,” he said. “I try not to miss his concerts. He has something what others lack. He is lyrical and brave. He is not just a singer but a free person.”

Mr. Vaytsyushkevich, for his turn, said that the show was worth seeing. “Henadz Burawkin and Ryhor Baradulin have showed up. This is very important for me as an artist,” he said. “Karatkevich was really somewhat close to us.”