Rawkow: Belarusian Armed Forces ready to send peacekeepers to Ukraine

The Belarusian Armed Forces are ready to send peacekeepers to Ukraine’s Donbas region if all necessary conditions are met, Defense Minister Andrey Rawkow told reporters in Minsk on Wednesday.

In an interview published by Russia’s newspaper Izvestia on February 8, Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey said that Belarus maintained an unbiased and honest attitude towards all the parties involved in the conflict in the Donbas region.

“We are not seeking any laurels, but this conflict is taking place in our region and in our family, in the literal sense of the word,” Mr. Makey said. “That is why the deployment of peacekeepers in the Donbas region, including those of Belarus, could be an additional means to help the conflicting parties. Our president spoke about that as far back as 2014, and we don’t go back on our words.”

According to General Rawkow, the deployment of peacekeepers requires approval from the UN Security Council, the country where peacekeepers will be deployed and the country which sends them.

It is the president of Belarus who decides whether to send the country’s peacekeepers abroad or not, Mr. Rawkow said. In addition, each peacekeeper should give their consent.

“If all these conditions are met, we are ready to carry out the task,” Mr. Rawkow said.

According to him, the 103rd Independent Guards Airborne Brigade in Vitsyebsk has a peacekeeping company of 100 servicemen, including 50 permanent staff. The servicemen study the English language and undergo training in various countries that have already been involved in peacekeeping operations.

“This company is ready to fulfill tasks in any part of the world. It is not a problem,” Mr. Rawkow said.