Small business association pushing for access to latest version of draft presidential edict


A small business association called Perspektyva has petitioned the tax ministry to make public the latest version of a draft presidential edict that is expected to prohibit market vendors from selling clothing and footwear without "accompanying documents," the organization's leader, Anatol Shumchanka, told BelaPAN.

In its petition, Perspektyva refers to Alyaksandr Lukashenka's Presidential Directive No. 4, which requires authorities to bring all draft business-related regulations up for public discussion.

Mr. Shumchanka said that there was uncertainty over when the ban would be introduced.

In November, reports suggested that starting January 1, 2014 market vendors would be banned by the edict from selling clothing and footwear without having accompanying documents for them, namely certificates of origin. However, the government was later said to have pushed back the introduction of the ban, but no confirmation has been given so far.

Market vendors say that it is virtually impossible to obtain certificates of origin for goods that they buy in Russia, and the ban would force many to shut up shop.